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Most people are aware of the helpful service that the spiders in Inglewood provide. Spiders do their best to eat other pests before they reach us humans. However, a lot of us would rather encounter just about any other pest than a spider. Maybe it’s those enlarged spider pictures we were showed a children. Whatever your reasoning for wanting to get rid of spiders in your home or business, we’re here to help.

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Even though very few Inglewood spiders are actually capable of causing harm to humans, it doesn’t mean we want them in our home. Typically, spiders will try to avoid human contact. Because of behavior, you’re most likely to find spiders in darker areas that are frequented often by humans. Closets, attics, basements, crawl spaces, outdoor fences, cabinets, and ceiling corners are the most common places to find spiders in your home.

If you encounter a spider in your home, first ask yourself what type of spider it is. The main distinction is whether it’s poisonous or not. The two poisonous spiders you might encounter in Inglewood or surrounding areas are the black widow and the brown recluse. If the spider that you see is neither of these, then it’s most likely a harmless spider. Irregardless or whether the spider is poisonous or not, it’s unlikely to be aggressive. Have you ever noticed when attempting to smash a spider that they run from you? That’s because they’re terrified of you. The spider isn’t going to charge at you to try to bite you. The only time a spider might bite is when they are threatened and cornered, and even then, most spiders cannot pierce human skin.

To avoid having Inglewood spiders in your home you should seal up cracks in the exterior of your home that spiders could use as an entrance and make sure your window screens are fitted properly. Also, trim back any plants that you have that touch the outside of your home. Keep your home free to clutter and also try to keep out other pests. If there are no bugs for the spiders to eat then they have no reason to stay in your home.

These are all things that you can do yourself to help reduce Inglewood spiders getting into your home. However, the #1 way to keep spiders at bay is to have routine pest control service performed at your home or business. As you’re aware, spiders feed on other bugs. By eliminating the source of food, we can control or eliminate spiders from your home. If you’d like to speak with one of our Inglewood spider exterminators then please give us a call at (310) 331-8898.

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