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Nothing good comes from having pests in your home or yard so the best thing to do is get rid of them and our Inglewood residential pest exterminators can do just that. The process of getting rid of pests begins with a very thorough inspection of the area in question. The inspection allows our professionally trained and experienced technicians to find where your pests may be hiding and where they are breeding. Once the area has been inspected, technicians can begin to form a customized treatment plan that will work best for your problem and keep your home and yard pest-free all year long.

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Residential Pest Interior Treatments

The interior treatment is customized to work specifically for whatever pests are appearing in and/or around your home. Treatment options also depend on factors such as if you have children or pets. Based on varying concerns different combinations of repellents, baits, residual insecticides, and traps may be used in your home. Approximately one month after the initial treatment has been issued, one of our licensed technicians will check up on how the treatment is working and provide some reinforcement by applying a pest repellent barrier. The barrier will help prevent any new pests from infesting the area.

Residential Pest Exterior Treatments

Additionally, they will perform exterior treatments so that pests don’t continue to come into your home. The exterior treatment is a premium grade insecticide that is safe for both people and pets so you don’t have to worry about your family. The insecticide is applied in heavier concentration around pest entry points.

Scheduled Residential Pest Inspections

Next in the process, our technicians will perform inspections of the property every other month and recommend pest preventative measures that you can take. The technicians will give advice as to what options there are for an integrated pest management program in your area and will also destroy possible entry points and locations that pests may try to nest in.

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Our goal here at Inglewood Pest Control is to help our customers maintain a pest-free environment with children and pet safe treatments. You can contact us at any time to continue regular pest treatments for your home. Or if you have any questions or concerns about your service or a pest, we’re here to help you.

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