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Having pests such as roaches and ants roaming around your business can have a major impact on your whole business, and not a positive one. It can affect your customers and employees as well as your reputation. Just one little pest infestation in your business can be costly. Pests cause many problems for businesses; they cause productivity to decrease, destroy inventory, and are even a source of many serious health risks so it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. It is best to contact a professional and skilled pest management company such as Inglewood Commercial Pest Control to handle the problem for you in a safe, affordable, and time efficient manner.

Inglewood Pest Control has pest solutions for all your Inglewood commercial pest problems and takes a complete approach to getting rid of infestations and keeping them gone for your business. The pest removal process begins with an inspections. The inspection is thorough to ensure that possible entry points, breeding spots, and nesting areas are found. One of our licensed and experienced Inglewood commercial pest technicians here at Inglewood Pest Control will pinpoint any problem areas there are and recommend some steps you can take to prevent any future infestations. Once the inspection is done, a technician will devise a safe and efficient removal method for your problem  and problems that may arise.

After the treatment has been decided, one of our experienced technicians will begin application of the treatment. Bait, traps, residual pesticides, and more may be used to eliminate your infestation. Approximately 30 days after the treatment has been implemented, a technician will do a follow up inspection and provide  pest preventative suggestions and advice for keeping your business pest-free. Our company has many professional, trained, and licensed Inglewood commercial pest technicians available to help with all of your pest problems. Contact Inglewood Pest Control today at (310) 331-8898 and get efficient and affordable solutions to your pest problems.

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