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Beetles can be found almost anywhere in the world and not only on land. They can occasionally be found in freshwater bodies such as lakes and ponds. Beetles are very destructive pests as they are able to feed on both organic and inorganic matter. Their larvae have been known to ruin carpet and rugs in homes by feeding on them. Beetles are good at adapting to varying climates and can survive extreme conditions.

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Beetles don’t have to be an annoying pest – call us to see how our Inglewood beetle solutions really work!

They are also good at camouflaging themselves which make them an even more annoying pest to try to get rid of. Beetles can be differentiated from other types of insects by their wings which are rigid for the most part in the front and then membranous in the back. The membranous parts of their wings can be used for flying. Most beetles are dependent on their sense of smell primarily and then their sight and touch as well. They are sensitive when it comes to UV rays.

Treatments for Inglewood Beetles

Some treatments work better than others depending on the different species. Carpet Beetles feed on and infest carpet, rugs, cloth, tapestries, etc. They are small, round, and usually black or dark brown. Entry points for these beetles are usually by clinging to pets, used furniture or other cloth based items, and windows/doors. The best treatment method for the, are low toxicity pesticides which also don’t have an odor or at least not a strong odor.

Our Inglewood beetle control technicians can also use dust or granules to preserve the area/item that has been infested depending on how bad the infestation is. With carpet beetles, it is best to get regular treatment to maintain the pest-free environment. Call us today at (310) 331-8898 for more information on how to get started removing your infestation!

Is That a Beetle?

Beetles are often mistaken for bed bugs. Bed bugs tend to be orangeish in color whereas beetles are not. Bed bugs also tend to hang out around mattresses and the crevices of furniture. An indicator that you may have a bed bug infestation are blood stains on your sheets.

Call Our Inglewood Beetle Control Experts!

If you have a feeling that bed bugs or beetles have infested your home then call us as soon as you can at (310) 331-8898 and our licensed and experienced technicians will walk you through the removal process along with giving you advice on how to prevent future pest infestations.  


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