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Nobody likes pests in their home or yard, especially when said pests are ants. When an ant infestation occurs it seems like they will be impossible to get rid of and that they’re everywhere. The last part being technically true as ants really can be found in most places. Ants are very skilled when it comes to adapting and working as a team. They actually outnumber every other insect species in the world.

inglewood ants

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Ants in Inglewood CA

There are quite a few types of ants such as:

  • Argentine ants
  • Fire ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Carpenter ants

Inglewood Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are easy to tell apart from the others. They are usually really small, approximately 1/16 of an inch, and can be anywhere from light brown to a dark brown. They do not bite/sting. Argentine ants are originally from South America; they migrated to America in the late 1800’s. This species of ants are organized as well as prolific, more so than the other species. They flock to places that contain moisture like bathrooms, potted plants, and irrigation systems. They love to eat foods that are high in sugar including syrup, honey, jelly, and occasionally they will forage for meat.

Inglewood Fire Ants

The second species, fire ants, can be very dangerous as their stings are worse than fleas as well as bee stings. Fortunately for everyone though, these ants are not common and can only be found inland. They don’t tend to be prolific, live in smaller colonies, and are less impulsive when it comes to reproducing as much as the other ant species. In some places, public parks, etc. are deemed unsafe for people to enjoy them.

Inglewood Odorous House Ants

Another species are odorous house ants also known as grease ants. They get their name from the nasty smell they emit once they’re crushed. This type of ant will grow to be bigger than or about the same size as the Argentine ants and also do not bite/sting.

Inglewood Carpenter Ants

The fourth type of ant are the carpenter ants. They are classified differently than the other ants. Carpenter ants destroy wood just like termites.  They are named carpenter ants because they like to carve galleries in wooden beams. Doing so causes immense structural damage to the beams. This species is able to grow up to half of an inch or even bigger.

If a building is infested with carpenter ants, it is very likely that a rustling noise will be heard from within the walls of the building and they tend to leave behind piles of sawdust from their carving escapades. The best thing to do for this species of ants is hire a termite inspector as an inspector knows how to find out if a nest has been built by the ants or if they are just looking for food to take back home. If a nest is indeed found within the building then the best thing to have do is have a licensed termite inspector recommend a treatment.

Treatments depend on factors such as where the infestation is and what kind of infestation it is. The treatments can also be applied in a children and pet friendly way to keep your family safe while ridding you of pesky ants.

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